Forklift Simulator Training

The Forklift Simulator Training Pack from CM Labs teaches forklift operators the skills they need to work productively and safely. Following operational best practices, trainees learn basic vehicle handling skills, fork spacing and positioning, as well as how to safely handle a variety of loads, before taking control of the real equipment.

The Forklift Simulator Training Pack can be deployed on the immersive Vortex Edge Max simulator training program, as well as on the flexible Vortex Edge Plus desktop simulator.

Competency-Based Training

The safe operation of forklifts requires a solid foundation of knowledge and ability. The Vortex Forklift Simulator training pack is built around skill-specific scenarios designed to demonstrate operator basics, highlight areas for trainee improvement, and present challenging techniques when the apprentice is ready.

  • Drive and steer the forklift around objects
  • Maneuver in confined spaces
  • Handle different fragile or sensitive loads without damaging them
  • Load and unload in challenging conditions

True-to-Life Simulation

The Vortex Forklift Simulator Training Pack delivers a true-to-life, stimulating experience based on the behavior and mechanics of the real machine, including load limits and the ability to topple when improperly handled. Offering a variety of loads along with instructor-triggered challenges, machine faults, and pedestrian traffic, this training pack offers an environment that moves from developing specific skills to challenging students and accelerating development.

Flexible to Unique User Needs

CM Labs offers flexible customization options for the Forklift Simulator that allow the vehicle simulation to be adjusted to the unique needs and capabilities of the customer’s equipment:

  • Vehicle Performance: Adjust and tune vehicles to specific capabilities (accelerations, max speeds, steering deadband)
  • Scoring: Set tailored, objective scoring criteria for each scenario
  • Branding: Your organization’s logo can be integrated within the environment, on the vehicles, and on after-action reports.
  • Further customizations: Available upon request!

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