Vortex Edge Plus

Affordable, Professional-grade Simulation Training for the Entire Classroom

Designed for a classroom environment, the Vortex Edge Plus mounts conveniently on a desktop and makes it easier than ever for your organization to implement CM Labs’ entire catalog of lifting and earth-moving training modules.

All CM Labs simulators can also be connected to enable cooperative crew training exercises.

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Train Anywhere

The Vortex Edge Plus simulator can be easily transported and installed on classroom desktops or trade and job fair booths in just minutes. All components, from the configurable pedals to the operator controls and workstation-class laptop, can be ergonomically positioned for optimal trainee comfort.

Maximize Operator Seat Time

The Vortex Edge Plus simulator complements the more immersive Vortex Edge Max perfectly. It allows organizations to engage novices, and then complement with seat time on the Vortex Edge Max. The result: more seat time for more trainees, and better-prepared operators.

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