Vortex Edge Max

A new solution for bridging the skills gap

The Vortex Edge Max is an entry-level tool that develops transferable operator skills by replicating the motion and feel of real construction equipment, and comes embedded with CM Labs’ Smart Training Technology. Easy to transport, set up, and use – wheel the Vortex Edge Max out of the shipping crate and get up-and-running in under 10 minutes!


Not every organization has the time, manpower, or equipment available for training when needed. That all changes with the Vortex Edge Max.

  • Trainees can learn to operate equipment and practice challenging real-world scenarios, with no risk to equipment or themselves
  • Rugged, stripped-down design minimizes simulator costs
  • Logs key performance metrics and features self-guided learning paths so operators can train even when equipment and trainers are unavailable
  • Can connect to other simulators for tandem operations and crew training


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Complete heavy equipment operator (HEO) training

The Vortex Edge Max comes bundled with a full fleet of cranes, the complete earth-moving catalog, or both, for a total of 10 machines on one simulator. Its heavy-duty controls are designed to run any machine, and the screen rotates to provide an optimal field of view for every piece of equipment.

Real-world learning

With a motion platform that replicates the feel of real equipment, best-in-class visuals, and exercises that replicate worksite conditions, the Vortex Edge Max prepares trainees for the real world.

Eco-friendly training

Incorporating the Vortex Edge Max into your training reduces fuel emissions compared to training on real equipment, while teaching operators how to utilize machines efficiently and with minimal idle time.

Ready to go

Easy to transport, set up, and use: wheel the Vortex Edge Max out of the shipping crate and get up and running in under 10 minutes.

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