Torsion Testing Machine

This bench-mounted machine to allows students to do torsion tests on different materials and demonstrates the Bauschinger effect.

  • Suitable for destructive tests on specimens
  • Forward and reverse loading
  • Wide range of test specimens
  • Optional Torsiometer (SM1001a) available for tests which need increased accuracy

Learning Outcomes

  • Determination of modulus of rigidity (shear modulus) and yield strength (when used with the optional torsiometer)
  • Determination of upper and lower yield stresses for normalized steel specimens
  • Reversed torsion tests to demonstrate the Bauchinger effect and the effects of residual body and textural stresses on torsional strength
  • Comparison of the different elastic and plastic properties of materials

Torsion Testing Machine Image


The Torsion Testing Machine consists of a rigid frame. The specimens fit between a strain head at one end and a torque reaction and measurement system at the other. To apply torque, students turn a handle on the gearbox. The output shaft of the gearbox slides to allow for any change in length of the specimen during tests. A guard protects the
user when performing destructive tests.

Recommended Ancillaries:

  • Torsion Test Specimens (TR)
  • Versatile Data Acquisition System – Bench-mounted version
  • Torsiometer (SM1001a) – Mechanical torsiometer for use with 6 mm diameter specimens in both the elastic and plastic regions
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