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TecQuipment’s Structures Software is ideal for students of civil, mechanical and structural engineering. It allows them to perform computer-simulated experiments which stud the principles of structures.

The Structures Software is the ideal companion to TecQuipment’s hardware modules. It includes a simulated form of each hardware module. The software is a useful tool when used on stand-alone or networked computers.

The software also allows students to apply a greater range of loads, often including uniformly distributed loads. Students can see, tabulate and graph data, reducing the time needed for them to get, process and show results. They can study and compare the properties of a wide variety of different structures.


  • Accurately simulates all 19 of TecQuipment’s Structures range experiments
  • Includes user guides with suggested experiments and typical answers
  • Gives virtual experiments that extend beyond the limits of the experiment hardware
  • Single-user and networked options available
  • Latest version of the software can be downloaded from the website
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