Statics Work Panel

This structure is a work panel for use with TecQuipment’s Statics Fundamentals (STF) range.

This work panel fits on most desks or bench tops. Students or teachers fit the magnetic parts of their Statics Fundamentals kits to the work panel to study or demonstrate one of the fundamental topics of static forces.


  • Supports four different experiment kits
  • Large working area
  • Clear metric grid
  • Easy set-up – all experiment kits can be removed and fitted in minutes
  • Highly visual, hands-on design


  • Modular design saves space and reduces costs
  • Ideal for classroom demonstrations
  • Repeatable positioning of parts with accurate results
  • Maximizes experiment time
  • Improves student understanding, even with a large class

Available Experiment Kits:

  • Suspension Cable Demonstration (STF2)
  • Equilibrium of a Rigid Body (STF3)
  • Equilibrium of Forces (STF4)
  • Equilibrium of a Beam (STF5)
Statics Work Panel Image
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