Small Engine Test Set

A versatile hydraulic engine test bed with comprehensive instrumentation. The equipment requires minimum services, installation and outlay. When used with one of TecQuipment’s optional single-cylinder engines, it safely and effectively enables study and demonstrations of the most important features of the engine. In addition, optional ancillaries are available to extend the range of study, demonstrations and investigations even further.


  • Fully equipped test set that supports a choice of internal combustion engines
  • Optional petrol and diesel engines
  • Several engine and instrument options
  • Separate instruments and test bed
  • Robust, simple hydraulic dynamometer
  • Easy set-up – it takes minutes to remove and fit an engine
  • Works with VDAS®


  • Saves space and reduces costs
  • Allows comparative tests of different engines
  • Expands the range of studies
  • Avoids transmission of vibration to give accurate, repeatable results
  • Reliability and long life
  • Maximizes experiment time
  • Quick and reliable tests with data capture

Small Engine Test Set Image
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