Process Trainer

This structure is a self-contained, bench-mounted, fully integrated teaching apparatus that mimics industrial process engineering, including a comprehensive range of experiments in flow, level, pressure and temperature, ranging from basic theories through to more advanced principles.

  • Includes four basic process control methods in one compact unit
  • Supplied with TecQuipment’s CE2000 software for supervisory control of the process with data acquisition
  • Mimics common industrial parts and processes with realistic results
  • Ideal for classroom demonstrations and student experiments
  • Includes experiments from basic control to advanced control methods, including ratio control, cascade control, interactive control and feedforward control

Learning Outcomes

  • Proportional, integral and derivative (PID) control
  • Control of flow, level, pressure and temperature
  • Ratio control
  • Cascade control
  • Multi-loop control
  • Interacting control loops


Process Trainer Image


Using water as the working fluid, the equipment allows safe, practical experiments on control of flow, liquid level, temperature and pressure. Students can study each of these separately or in combinations.

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