Pin-Jointed Frameworks

This structure is for the study of strains, stresses, forces and deflections in various pin-jointed frameworks, and study of Bow’s notation.

Students use stainless-steel members to build different pin-pointed frameworks. The equipment includes two framework supports: a pivoting support, and a pivoting and rolling support. Each member has a strain gauge attached that connects to a digital strain bridge. Load cells measure the load applied at various angles. A second load cell can be fitted to simulate lateral forces on the truss (STR8a).

Learning Outcomes

  • Study of Bow’s notation, strains, stresses, forces and deflections in various frameworks, including a Warren girder and roof truss
  • Comparison of different frameworks

Essential Base Unit:

  • Structures Test Frame (STR1)

Essential Ancillaries:

  • Digital Force Display (STR1a)
Pin-Jointed Frameworks Image


Recommended Ancillaries:

  • Structures Software (STRS) for virtual experiments OR
  • Automatic Data Acquisition Unit (STR2000) for automatic data acquisition and virtual experiments
  • Additional Load Cell (STR8a)

Alternative Products:

  • Redundant Truss (STR17)
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