Photovoltaic Cells (TE4)

This structure illustrates how effective photovoltaic cells are in capturing solar energy.

  • Demonstrates the performance of a high-efficiency photovoltaic cell array and battery storage system
  • Includes solarimeter, charge controller and control module with digital displays and DC outputs
  • Supplied with both high and low-rated batteries to allow students to investigate charge and discharge cycle of the system in a typical laboratory session as well as longer cycles
  • Includes three different types of electrical loads

Learning Outcomes

  • Performance of the solar panel
  • Demonstration of float mode
  • Demonstration of load cut

The TE4 uses a commercially available solar panel made from high efficiency cells. The solar panel is on a wheeled, lightweight frame that allows adjustment of the panel angle, relative to the sun. A solarimeter on the frame measures incident radiation. The panel recharges a choice of two batteries through a charge controller. The charge controller recharges the battery at the correct rate of charge without damage to the battery. The frame holds a high-performance, deep-cycling battery in a storage box. The equipment also includes a second lower-rated battery. This allows students to examine the charge and discharge cycle of the system in a typical laboratory session.

Photovoltaic Cells (TE4) Image

Recommended Ancillaries:

  • Versatile Data Acquisition System – Bench-mounted version

Alternative Products:

  • Focusing Solar Energy Collector (TE38)
  • Flat Plate Solar Thermal Energy Collector (TE39)
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