Hydrology and Rainfall Apparatus

This structure is for studying hydrology principles, including rainfall, through flow and movement of water over land and rivers.

Learning Outcomes

  • Investigation of rainfall/run-off relationships for dry, saturated and impermeable catchments of various slopes (surface run-off only)
  • Effect of interflow on outflow hydrograph surface run-off (plus groundwater flow)
  • Simulation of multiple and moving storms
  • Measurement of cone of depression for a single well, and comparison with theory interaction of cones of depression for two adjacent wells
  • De-watering of excavation sites by use of wells
  • Flow from a well in a confined aquifer
  • Demonstration of watersheds for a simulated island with rainfall and well flows
  • Sediment transport and meanders in simulated rivers
  • Studies of scour around simulated bridge piers

Key Features

  • Permeable catchment area fed with ‘rain’ from overhead spray nozzles and/or by groundwater fl ow from ends of tank
  • Spray nozzles to supply half or all of catchment area
  • Piezometer tappings to measure water table profile
  • Can measure ‘drawdown’ due to single or two interacting wells
  • Adjustable inclination of catchment area angle
  • Includes flow meter to measure flow to the catchment area
  • Run-off and well flows measured by calibrated rectangular weir
  • Self-contained – requires only an electrical supply
Hydrology and Rainfall Apparatus Image
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