Frame Deflections and Reactions

This product helps students understand the deflections and reactions of a portal frame under various loading conditions.

This product includes a Vernier caliper for accurate measurement of the frame cross-section.

Learning Outcomes

  • Horizontal reaction and fi xing moment due to a varying single point load on a portal frame
  • Uniform and non-uniform cross-section portal frames
  • Predicting sway direction by consideration of shear forces
  • Use of the moment distribution (Hardy Cross) method to calculate bending moments, sway magnitude and horizontal support reactions
  • Deflection (sway) of a portal frame due to loading asymmetry
  • Deflection (sway) of a portal frame due to asymmetry of the uprights
  • Plotting bending moment diagrams

Key Features

  • Fits to the Structures platform for ergonomic use and space-saving storage
  • Includes two different portal frames for experiments with uniform and non-uniform cross-section frames
  • Includes Vernier caliper for measurement of cross-section
  • Supplied with a storage tray to keep smaller items safe
  • Direct reading of horizontal reaction and fixing moment for quick and simple experiments
  • Works with user-friendly software (VDAS®)
Frame Deflections and Reactions Image
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