Flat Plate Solar Thermal Energy Collector

This structure illustrates the works of a flat plate solar energy collector and allows students to study its performance.

  • Educational flat plate solar energy collector with full instrumentation
  • Allows students to investigate the effective use of a renewable, environmentally friendly energy source
  • Purpose designed and built solar panel for high quality
  • Includes digital display of flow, radiation intensity and temperatures at different points throughout the apparatus

Learning Outcomes

  • Efficiency of the collector
  • Efficiency and heat losses
  • Effect of collector angle

The panel has a thin sheet metal absorber, backed by riser tubes and insulating material, to reduce heat loss to the rear. A box with a clear cover encloses the panel, forming the collector. To allow users to adjust its angle, the frame has a hinge. Cold mains water enters the collector. Sunlight energy heats the water in the collector. The heated water returns to a pump that mixes it with the incoming cold water. A pressure-sensitive valve allows the heated water to leave the equipment at the same rate as cold water enters it. A flow transducer measures the water flow rate and a solarimeter measures incident radiation. Thermocouples measure the water temperature at all the important points, and the shade temperature. ———–

Recommended Ancillaries:

  • Versatile Data Acquisition System – Bench-mounted version

Alternative Products:

  • Photovoltaic Cells (TE4)
  • Focusing Solar Energy Collector (TE38)
Flat Plate Solar Thermal Energy Collector Image
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