Five-Metre Flow & Sediment Transport Channel

This structure provides facilities for experiments and demonstrations in water flow, including weirs, gates and flumes.

  • Adjustable channel angle (inclination) and flow rate
  • Clear sides at eye-level for all-round visibility of flow
  • Completely self-contained, free-standing unit – only needs an electrical supply
  • Ideal for group demonstrations
  • Includes Pitot tube for pressure measurement
  • Includes models of sluice gate, different weirs and flume
  • Extra models available include wave generator, different weirs and flow splitter

Learning Outcomes

  • Investigations in fixed and smooth bedform
  • Mechanics of sediment transport
  • Local (bridge) scour experiments, to understand scour holes and effects on the integrity of a structure
  • Two sluice gates for investigations into hydraulic jump, specific energy and the determination of discharge coefficient
  • Submerged sharp-crested weir reveals the relationship between head over a weir and discharge
  • A broad-crested weir and the effects of changing the profile of the weir
  • Uniform flow in an inclined channel with investigations into the Ch├ęzy factor and coefficient
  • A Venturi flume to indicate the discharge and surface profile, thus the derivation of the discharge coefficient
Five-Metre Flow & Sediment Transport Channel Image

Key Features

  • Includes four models with the flume for immediate experimentation potential
  • Digital flow meter for quick and accurate measurements
  • Transparent sides for clear visibility, ideal for group demonstrations
  • Stainless-steel beam and toughened glass channel walls, provides long-lasting use with sedimentation
  • Built-in, recirculating water supply for convenient laboratory use
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