Engineering Construction Kit

The Engineering Construction Kit is a classroom-based resource for investigating designing, building and programming robotic and automated machinery in a range of areas of technology. These areas include engineering design, agricultural technology, medical technology, mechatronics, industrial robotics, mobile robotics and transportation technology.

This kit includes simple, yet sophisticated, programming software to allow students to design flowchart programs to bring their models to life. It is used within our Design and Technology program to help students develop solutions to a range of practical, real-world solving tasks and activities within a classroom or lab environment.


  • Unique 3D cube-based construction kit
  • A sophisticated programmable control unit with 12 input/output ports and 4 DC motor ports
  • A wide range of sensors, motors and actuators
  • Flowchart-based programming software
  • Curriculum-based learning content

Typical Project Activities Include:

  • Design a railroad crossing control system
  • Design a medical scanning system
  • Design a fairground ride
  • Design automated agricultural machines
  • Design a container crane
  • Design semi-automated vehicles
  • Design mobile robots
  • Design industrial machines and robotic systems

Items Included:

  • Construction Kit
  • Sensors and Motors
  • Programmable Controller
  • Programming Software
  • Curriculum-Based Learning Content
Engineering Construction Kit Image

Other Items Required:

  • Computer

General Information

  • Power Requirements: 110 – 240V  50-60Hz
  • Kit Dimensions: 470 x 354 x 234 mm (WxHxD) per kit
  • Packed Volume: Approx. 0.05 m3 per kit
  • Packed Weight: Approx. 5 kg per kit
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