Curved Bars and Davits

This product helps students to understand the deflections in curved bars and davits when used as simple structures to support loads. Students fit the lower end of a choice of curved bars and davits to a fixing plate. The upper end supports a variable load. Two precision indicators measure the deflection due to the load.

This product includes a Vernier caliper for accurate measurements of the cross-section of the curved bars and davits.

Learning Outcomes

  • How loads affect the vertical & horizontal deflection of:
    • a quarter circle
    • a semicircle
    • a curved davit
    • an angled davit
  • Elastic bending
  • Comparison of elastic deflection analysis techniques
Curved Bars and Davits Image

Key Features

  • An interesting application of Castigliano’s theorem of elastic deflection
  • Includes four different test structures for multiple experiments in deflection
  • Industrial high-resolution indicators for accurate measurements
  • Supplied with a storage tray to keep smaller items safe
  • Includes Vernier caliper to allow measurement of cross-section
  • Works with user-friendly software (VDAS®)
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