Bending Stress in a Beam

This product helps students to understand the bending stresses at various positions of a beam section due to a load. Students add loads to an inverted T-section beam held on two supports. Strain gauges at different heights up the beam measure the strains due to the load. A load cell measures the force applied at the mid span of the beam.

This product includes a Vernier caliper for accurate measurement of the beam cross-section.

Learning Outcomes

  • Stress and strain relationship
  • Strain gauges as instruments
  • Finding the neutral axis by experiment and calculation
  • How the beam cross-section dimensions affect the second moment of area (I value) and neutral axis
Bending Stress in a Beam Image

Key Features

  • Strain gauge amplifier and multiple strain gauges for a complete measurement of strain at different positions around the beam section
  • T-section beam for stability, with an off set neutral axis
  • Includes Vernier caliper for beam cross-section measurement
  • Supplied with a storage tray to keep smaller items safe
  • Works with user-friendly software (VDAS®)
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