Bench-top Heat Exchangers Service Module

The Bench-top Heat Exchangers Service Module (TD360) is the core of the bench-top heat exchangers range. It provides hot and cold water to the heat exchangers and all the instruments needed to measure their performance.


  • A bench-top service module with optional small-scale demonstration heat exchangers – designed for teaching
  • Optional heat exchangers include most common types used in industry (tubular, plate, shell and tube, and a jacketed vessel with coil and stirrer)
  • All optional heat exchangers have the same nominal heat transfer area and wall thickness
  • Foolproof fittings allow students to change and connect the optional experiments quickly and easily (needs no tools)
  • Heat-exchangers each have a bedplate with a clear schematic diagram to help students understand how to connect it


  • Efficient use of valuable laboratory space
  • Qualitative and quantitative comparison of main heat exchanger designs
  • Simple and safe to use – self-sealing connectors prevents spillage of water
  • Easy to set up and operate – maximizes students’ practical time

Bench-top Heat Exchangers Service Module Image
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