Beam Apparatus

This structure examines the deflection and forces on different types of beams for a wide range of supports and loads; also demonstrates Young’s modulus.

  • Includes textbook with full theory
  • Simply supported and cantilever beam tests with up to four supports with any loading
  • Three load cells with digital indicators measure reaction forces or act as rigid sinking supports
  • Precision digital indicators for accurate deflection measurements

Learning Outcomes

  • Verification of the bending equation
  • Determination of flexural rigidity and elastic modulus
  • Verification of static equilibrium
  • Deflection of beams on two simple supports with point loads
  • Reciprocal properties for loads and deflection
  • Simple and propped cantilevers with any loading
  • Continuous beams – statically indeterminate cases for simply supported beams and cantilevers on more than two supports with any loading (including measurement of unknown reactions)
  • Simply supported and cantilever beams with sinking supports


Beam Apparatus Image


The apparatus consists of an upper cross-member carrying graduated scales, and two lower members bolted to T-legs to form a rigid assembly. The three load cells and cantilever-support pillar slide along the lower members and can be clamped firmly in any position. The load cells have direct digital readout and each is fitted with a hardened steel knife edge which can be adjusted to set the initial level, or to simulate a sinking support. Locking pins can convert each load cell to a rigid support when required. The cantilever support is a rigid pillar with a sturdy clamping arrangement to hold the beams when built-in end conditions are required. Four weight hangers and a set of weights are supplied to apply static loads.

Recommended Ancillaries:

  • Versatile Data Acquisition System – Bench-mounted version
  • Additional Specimen Beams (SM1004a)
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