Flexible CTE Classroom Furniture Solutions

Solutions that Fit

Interior Concepts has solutions for everyone, from kids learning their ABC’s to fabrication labs in universities. Now more than ever, educators need flexible solutions for their classrooms to allow for small group work or social distancing. Expertise and outside-the-box thinking allows us to deliver made-to-order turnkey furniture solutions that are adaptable, durable, attractive, functional, and an exceptional investment of funds.

The Interior Concepts Process

Explore: Browse a wide variety of products to find the design that works for you and your classroom environment. You’ll collaborate with an experienced project manager, who will answer your questions and help you find the best furniture solutions for your needs.

Design: To make sure you get exactly what you need, convenient online sessions allow you to see your furniture design and make changes to the final product meets your specification. Design records are always maintained, so future product additions will be a breeze.

Order: After the design phase, your order goes to the Interior Concepts manufacturing team, who ensure the final product — made here in the USA — meets exacting quality standards. Timely shipment is always a priority, Interior Concepts boasts a 97% on-time delivery rate.

Installation: Certified installers will set up your furniture as specified. We’ll then follow-up to confirm your satisfaction and answer any questions. And our work doesn’t stop there — we are proud to offer a lifetime warranty.



Motion Multi-Purpose Tables

Motion Tables give you the flexibility to create different room layouts, effortlessly. With just a rectangular table as your starting point, you can go from classic classroom, to small groups, to U-shaped group discussion.

Unique Shapes

Choose standard shapes – or design your own. From small-team collaborations to large-group discussions, Interior Concepts supports the way people work and learn. It’s the reason we’ve developed a variety of table shapes that serve individual needs, or can be reconfigured to accommodate larger groups. Add a whiteboard work-surface to the mix and people can jot down their brilliance.




Barrier Solutions

Whether it is creating personal space, or for dividing a room, our Barrier Solutions have been created to specifically fit your needs. Protect your area and create new space by using our fixed desktop barriers and mobile room barriers.





Dropshare Media Center

Collaboration and technology are constant in both today’s workplaces and schools. Use this media-sharing center to bring together different skill sets on projects and enhance small group learning. Team members can share multiple devices on one screen and students can embrace long-distance learning. With a small footprint and the integrated technology connectivity, these centers are critical tools for having people work together with today’s laptops and tablets.




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