Student Math Kit

The Student Math Kit will equip you with all you need to carry out each of the practical math activities included in your LJ Create Living with STEM program. Each kit is provided in a labeled storage box to allow for easy identification and selection during classroom activities. An inventory reference sheet enables simple resource management and replenishment of any consumable items. A range of items are supplied in order to carry out the math hands-on learning tasks, which are conveniently contained within a durable vacuum-formed box insert.

The Student Math Kit is used to give students hands-on experience of math concepts in a real world context. Examples include: pecan farming, money, animal bodies, trees, transportation, springs, sorting rocks, heating, life cycles and pond life. Some examples will not be familiar to young students but are important to introduce, such as labor and income.

Typical Practical Tasks Include:

  • Comparing Fractions
  • Place Value
  • The Value of Money
  • Arrays and Repeated Addition
  • Length and Area
  • Faces, Edges, and Vertices (Requires Teacher Kit)
  • Areas of Composite Shapes
  • Savings Plan

Typical Practical Tasks when used in conjunction with other Living with STEM kits include:

  • Budgets
  • Rounding Money
  • Building Number Lines
  • Fractions on a Number Line
  • Making Unit Fractions
  • Odd and Even Numbers
  • Using Relationship Triangles
  • Quadrilaterals
  • Perimeter of a Polygon
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Items Included:

  • Play money (bills and coins)
  • Number shapes and tray
  • 6- and 10-sided dice
  • Interlocking cubes (pack of 100)
  • Place value slider
  • Flexible meter rule
  • Pegs (pack of 10)
  • Protractor
  • Plastic tumblers
  • Flipchart marker pen
  • Printed grid sheet

Other Items Required:

  • LJ Create Living with STEM Content and Computer
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