STEM Robotics Foundations Lab 4×4

Introduce students to the foundations of robotics with easy-to-assemble and modify rovers that emphasize real-world applications. Working collaboratively using the Engineering Design Process, students build and program advanced robots to tackle impressive challenges. As they explore mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and programming, students also analyze the robot’s physics, mathematical and scientific elements.

Two lab options: 4×4 or 6×6

Each lab is one semester (90 hours of curriculum) with seven units, designed forĀ 3-5 students.

Foundations is the prerequisite to the Drones Lab + Curriculum.

Spark and Sustain Students’ Interest in STEM

MINDS-i Robotics engages students in an energizing STEM learning environment with robots that are easy to build, program, and modify. Technologically advanced rovers and drones perform impressive real-world tasks that build excitement for STEM careers. The curriculum encourages collaborative problem-solving and the open-source Arduino C++ programming language fosters endless creativity. With outstanding technical support, teachers are empowered and students are inspired to build whatever they envision with their “mind’s eye.”

Explore the Foundations Curriculum:

STEM Robotics Foundations Lab 4×4 Image

Curriculum Units:

  • Introduction to Minds-i
  • Unit 1: Continuous Learning & Improvement
  • Unit 2: Variable of Force & Motion
  • Unit 3: Software Programming, Sensors & Servos
  • Unit 4: Autonomous Robotics
  • Unit 5: Mechanical and Structural Engineering
  • Unit 6: Culminating Project
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