MicroMill / MicroTurn

Available as a compact 3-axis CNC milling machine or a 2-axis CNC lathe, this system features totally enclosed interlocking guards – the ideal introduction to CNC manufacturing!

Variable spindle speeds and feedrates make the Micromill and Microturn suitable for proving student designs, producing small components in materials such as wax, plastic, acrylic, aluminum, and free cutting alloys.

X-Axis Travel: 228mm  Y-Axis Travel: 130mm  Z-Axis Travel: 160mm


The MicroMill comes with:

– VR CNC Milling Operating Software (PC Not Included) – Maintenance Tools
– Clamping Kit – 1/4″ Dia Milling Collet
– 5/16″ Dia Drawbar – 3/16″ Slot Drill 1/4″ Shank
– Installation and Instruction Manuals – Set of Metric Allen Keys


The MircoTurn comes with:

– VR CNC Turning Operating Software (PC Not Included) – Maintenance Tools
– 1-1/2″ Standard Toolpost – Tailstock
– 3″ Dia Spindle Faceplate – No. 1 Morse Taper, Spindle Centre
– No. 0 Morse Taper, Tailstock Centre – 2-1/2″ Dia 3 Jaw Chuck & 2 Tommy Bars
– 1/4″ Braised Carbide Tip Cutting Tool, Right Handed – Installation and Instruction Manuals
MicroMill / MicroTurn Image
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