Mass Transit System Trainer

The STEM learning packages have been designed to provide practical real world problem solving tasks and activities within the classroom or lab environment. These activities will provide an engaging approach that helps instructors show contextualized linkages between Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

This trainer can also be used in conjunction with our optional cloud-based STEM software packages, which offer online practical tasks as well as interactive theory presentations, investigations, and assessments, which link directly to the practical activities carried out using this resource.

Typical Practical Activities Include:

  • Identify transportation issues as problems that a Research and Design project might attempt to solve
  • Extract information to create a formal list of specifications for a Design Brief
  • Investigate and Research Transportation technologies
  • Use the Internet to research information about the fuels used in Propulsion Systems
  • Use a virtual laboratory to test materials for use in making electrical contacts

Items Included:

  • Maglev Track
  • 2 Maglev Vehicles
  • Maglev Control Interface Unit
  • Maglev Connection Lead and Power Supply Set
  • Buffer Design Consumable Pack
  • Maglev Control software and Simulation CDROM
  • Parallel to USB Adapter
Mass Transit System Trainer Image

Other Items Required:

  • LJ Create Engineering or Technology Content
  • Computer with DVD Drive and Spare USB Port
  • 150-01 Research and Design Consumables Pack

General Information

  • Power Requirements: 110 – 240V  50-60Hz
  • Maglev Track Dimensions: 1600 x 120 x 185 mm (W x H x D)
  • Packed Volume: Approx. 0.126 m3
  • Packed Weight: Approx. 12.1 kg
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