Magnetic Pump Learning System

The Magnetic Pump Learning System (95-PM1-G) covers the magnetic pump, which uses a magnetic coupling to prevent direct contact between the motor drive shaft and the pump impeller. This feature eliminates any possibility of leakage or seepage and makes the magnetic pump an ideal selection for pumping hazardous chemicals that could harm the environment or for expensive liquids where it is important to reduce loss. This industrial pumps training system explains the function, operation, installation, disassembly, inspection, and maintenance of a magnetic pump. Additional topics include: how to properly align the magnetic coupling; how to troubleshoot problems; how to select the correct magnetic pump for an application; how to determine a pump’s flow/pressure characteristics; and how each component of the pump factors into the overall operation.

The magnetic pump training system includes a polypropylene housed, c-face mounted magnetic pump with a centrifugal impeller, a piping network, a magnetic coupling, and a relief valve. The polypropylene housing is chemically resistant, which allows the magnetic pump to move fluids such as acids, alkalis, plating solutions, sterile solutions, and brine for applications in hospitals, chemical laboratories, and wineries. In fact, all of the included components are industrial-grade and will allow learners to gain immediate hands-on experience and practice that can apply to real-world mechanisms. This commitment to providing learns with top-flight equipment is one reason why Amatrol is the world’s leader in skills-based, interactive technical learning.

Key Features

  • Mounting Compatible with 950-PM1 Workstation
  • Magnetic Coupling Design
  • Industrial Quality Magnetic Pump
  • Optional Online eBooks

Additional Requirements

  • Pumps Learning System (950-PM1)
Magnetic Pump Learning System Image
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