Hands-On Gas Metal Arc Welder Learning System

Amatrol’s Welding Technology Learning System (950-WT1) teaches how to safely create an array of high quality weld types. This welding training system consists of a workstation with a self-contained down-draft table and angle grinder, storage station, gas metal arc welder (GMAW), weld test fixture, tools and fixtures, safety gear, student curriculum and teacher’s assessment guide. This industrial welding training system is mobile with both the workstation and storage unit designed for classroom use. These industrial-grade components are an example of Amatrol’s commitment to providing top-flight equipment and gives learners the opportunity to practice and gain experience on actual mechanisms that they’ll work with on the job.

Industrial Grade Components for Real-World Training

The welding training system features a magnetic stainless steel; top workstation, turnkey storage station, GMAW welder, safety equipment, and free-standing welding curtains. The workstation top is removable for easy cleanup, and made of magnetic stainless steel to withstand the rigors of student welding, while allowing the use of magnetic clamps.

The built-in down-draft system contains filters designed to capture the welding smoke. The turnkey storage station provides lockable, mobile storage for tools/fixtures, gas cylinder, and safety gear needed. The GMAW welder provides an industrial quality experience while being very portable, and comes with a wide assortment of safety gear.

Welding Technology Curriculum in an Interactive Multimedia Format

The welding training system’s curriculum specifically focuses on welding safety, basic welding, welding joints and welding analysis. As an example of what is covered, learners will study the angle grinder operation, workpiece preparation, welder setup and adjustment, tack and butt joint welds, weld components and welding flaws, lap, corner, and t-joints, round stock, and welding symbols. The interactive multimedia engages learners and helps keep them focused on their studies using animation, interactive activities, and video.

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