ES360 Desktop 3D Scanner

The Afinia ES360 Desktop 3D Scanner delivers high-accuracy 3D scanning faster than ever before, and is now available.

Using safe, white light scanning, the ES360 Desktop 3D Scanner is easy enough for anyone to use. Just “click” the start button, and the scan process will turn your object into a 3D model that can then be printed on a 3D printer, like Afinia’s award-winning H480H400, or H800. The ES360 is also light-weight, at less than 8 lbs., allowing for easy transportation.

Two Scan Options

The ES360 is the only two-scan-mode scanner on the market. Choose between automatic scan or free scan, depending on your needs and the size of the object. Automatic scan mode allows for a maximum scan size of 215 x 215 x 200mm while the free scan mode allows for a maximum scan size of 700 x 700 x 700mm.

ES360 Desktop 3D Scanner Image
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