Educational Robotics Invention Kit (ERIK)

The Educational Robotics Invention Kit and associated curriculum has been developed to help teach computer science using a problem solving approach. This Kit provides students with an environment that motivates them to learn abstract computer science concepts through the development of solutions to practical problems. The combination of engineering and programming creates a dynamic environment that helps students develop problem-solving and programming skills that involve mathematics, engineering, science, and logic.

With a wide range of example models including walking humanoid and multi-limbed robots, as well as autonomous wheeled vehicles, students quickly develop the skills needed to build and program their own models.

The Project Based Curriculum Includes:

  • Computer system fundamentals
  • Algorithms and problem solving
  • Inputs and Outputs
  • Data, Variables and Constants
  • Operators and Control Structures
  • Testing Documentation
  • A series of open ended design projects to allow students to get creative


  • Unique quick-fit construction kit
  • A sophisticated programmable control unit with Bluetooth communications and an internal gyroscope, capable of storing 2 programs and controlling 253 Intelligent Motors
  • Intelligent Motors either operate as servos moving ± 150° degrees in 0.29° increments, or as standard motors with 1023 speed steps in both directions
  • Bus based wiring
  • Sensor module able to detect light, sound, distance and IR
  • Flowchart and C code Programming software
  • 3D Modelling, Simulation and Scripting
  • Computer Science Curriculum-based learning content

Check out the Educational Robotics Invention Kit in action!

Educational Robotics Invention Kit (ERIK) Image

Items Included:

  • Construction Kit
  • 1 x Sensor block and 18 x Motors
  • Programmable Controller
  • Programmable Software
  • Curriculum-Based Learning Content

Other Items Required:

  • Windows XP or later based Computer

General Information

  • Power Requirements: 110 – 240V  50-60Hz
  • Kit Dimensions: 450 x 300 x 220 mm (W x H x D) per kit
  • Packed Volume: Approx. 0.03 m3 per kit
  • Packed Weight: Approx. 5 kg per kit


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