Diaphragm Pump Learning System

The Diaphragm Pump Learning System (95-PM1-C) explains the function, operation, application, and variety of diaphragm pumps. Diaphragm pumps are used to transfer fluid that’s too viscous, corrosive, abrasive, or hot for other types of industrial pumps, making it a perfect choice for moving food products such as peanut butter, ink for the print industry, and pulp, paper, and petroleum products. The diaphragm pump training system explores how to adjust a diaphragm pump flow rate, how to select the right diaphragm pump for an application. It also covers pump installation, pump maintenance, disassembly, and pump troubleshooting.

This industrial pump training system features a foot-mounted, air-operated diaphragm pump, air regulator, air lubricator, pressure gauge (0-160 psig), air muffler, and piping network. These industrial-grade components combined with hands-on competency skill building will help to familiarize learners with actual mechanisms they’ll work with on the job. This commitment to providing high quality components is why Amatrol is the world’s leader in skills-based, interactive technical learning.

After completion, learners can proceed to additional pumps like the peristaltic pump (95-PM1-D) and piston pump (95-PM1-E). Peristaltic pumps, also known as tubing pumps, are used to transfer fluids that cannot come into contact with the working parts of the pump, either to avoid contamination of the fluid or because the fluid is too corrosive. Piston pumps, also known as plunger pumps, are used to produce high pressure fluid flow of water, soaps and detergents.

Key Features

  • Mounting Compatible with 950-PM1 Workstation
  • Double Diaphragm Design
  • Industrial Quality Diaphragm Pump
  • Quick Connect Piping Connections to 950-PM1
  • Optional Online eBooks

Additional Requirements

  • Pumps Learning System (950-PM1)
  • Compressed Air
Diaphragm Pump Learning System Image
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