Centrifugal Pump with Stuffing Box Learning System

The Centrifugal Pump with Stuffing Box Learning System (95-PM1-H) covers a pump design that, in spite of the modern mechanical seal, remains widely used in industry due to its cost-effectiveness and ability to avoid catastrophic failure. This feature makes it an ideal design for fire departments in fire pump applications. This industrial pumps training system explains the installation, function, and maintenance of a centrifugal pump with a stuffing box. Additional topics include: how to troubleshoot this pump design; what the flow/pressure characteristics of a centrifugal pump are; and how to startup and operate a centrifugal pump with a stuffing box.

The centrifugal pump training system includes a cast iron-housed centrifugal pump with stuffing box and a piping network that features a pressure line, suction line, and pressure gauge hose. These components allow learners to practice skills on an industrial-grade centrifugal pump that they may work with at real-world job sites. This commitment to providing learners with the most realistic and applicable training available is one example of how Amatrol is transforming the global workforce one life at a time.

Key Features

  • Industrial Quality Centrifugal Pump
  • Mounting Compatible with 950-PM1 Workstation
  • Stuffing Box – Packing Type Seal
  • Optional Online eBooks

Additional Requirements

  • Pumps Learning System (950-PM1)
Centrifugal Pump with Stuffing Box Learning System Image
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