373-506 ACR Straight-Thru Pressure Relief Valve Cutaway

DAC Worldwide’s ACR Straight-Thru Pressure Relief Valve Cutaway (373-506) is a professionally-crafted, sectioned example of a commonly-encountered straight-thru relief valve used in refrigeration systems to protect liquid receivers from being over-pressurized. The relief valve also protects other system components from compressor over-pressure. These safety-related, automatically-triggered relief valves often require troubleshooting and/or replacement after discharge due to seat obstructions.

A full cutaway view of the valve body and seat area exposes the complete internal design, including seat, spring, seat disc, and adjusting gand. Cutaway surfaces are enhanced through painting, making the geometry of all components more clear. Multiple cutaways unveil

Features & Specifications

  • Full sectioning of a new name-brand brass straight-thru relief valve (popular models by well-known manufacturers are chosen for industrial/commercial relevance)
  • 13-gauge formed-steel powder-coated mounting panel with provision for convenient mounting on related optional display and storage products
  • Customized component support saddles and support straps
  • Carefully-planned sectioning exposes all primary features including: seat, seat disk, spring, adjusting gland and complete flow path
  • Packaging for shipment via mail service, parcel service, or courier
373-506 ACR Straight-Thru Pressure Relief Valve Cutaway Image
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