373-505 Heat Pump Reversing Valve Cutaway

DAC Worldwide’s Heat Pump Reversing Valve Cutaway (373-505) is a professionally-crafted, sectioned example of a heat pump reversing valve used in heat pump systems for reversing heating/cooling cycles. Through a combination of solenoid-actuated movement and differential pressure, system cycle changes can be made remotely.

A full cutaway of the four-way valve body allows for visualization of the system flow changes made through actuation. Cutaway surfaces are enhanced through painting, making the geometry of all components more clear. Multiple cutaways unveil all internal components, which enhances classroom training in HVAC system design, maintenance, troubleshooting, and preventive/predictive maintenance.

Features & Specifications:

  • Full sectioning of a new name-brand 4/2-way reversing valve (popular models by well-known manufacturers are chosen for industrial/commercial relevance)
  • 13-gauge formed-steel powder-coated mounting panel with provision for convenient mounting on related optional display and storage products
  • Customized component support saddles and support straps
  • Carefully-planned sectioning exposes all primary features including: full flow path, removable moisture indicating disk and lens assembly
  • Packaging for shipment via mail service, parcel service, or courier
373-505 Heat Pump Reversing Valve Cutaway Image
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