Ultimaker Anniversary Bundles

Ultimaker Anniversary Bundles Image

To celebrate their anniversary Ultimaker is passing on great deals to you!

What is included:
  • Ultimaker S5, S3, 2+ Connect, or 2+ Connect Bundle. Value: $6,355.00-$3,100.00
  • 2x Spools of PLA, TPLA, ABS, or PETG. Value: $99.90
  • Ultimaker Professional software with e-learning courses.* Value: $600
  • 1-year extended warranty. Value: $845.00-$545.00
  • TOTAL VALUE: $7,899.90-$4,344.90
  • YOU PAY: $2,550.10-$6,255.23**
  • YOU SAVE: 1,344.81-$1,644.67


* With the purchase of an Ultimaker Anniversay value pack you will receive a $600 credit towards your first year subscription.  This covers the price of Ultimaker Professional Tier 1 (1 printer). If you purchase more than 1 printer or are set up in a higher Tier you will receive $600 towards your first year.

** If purchasing on behalf of a school ask about additional educational discounts.


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