TU-406 Residential Heat Pump Trainer

Real world experience in troubleshooting wiring, piping and controls of a working air conditioning unit for a whole house.


  • Fault simulation with two refrigerant faults and four electrical faults
  • Provides numerous real-world applications and troubleshooting examples
  • Refrigeration heat pump cycle can be observed
  • High-pressure refrigeration tubing piped to sight glass for direct observation of the fluid stage of the refrigeration cycle
  • Pressure, temperature and electrical readings can be made
  • Visible wiring and piping
  • R410a refrigerant can be pumped down
  • Reversing valve that is operated through a digital thermostat
  • Metering device/thermostatic expansion valve
  • 2 sets of pre-connected high and low pressure refrigeration gas/liquid gauges
  • Operation Manual describing how the unit works as well as its faults
  • Necessary line and low voltage wiring
  • Low voltage transformer and wiring
  • Includes Lab Manual and book Heat Pumps: Operation, Installation, & Service, with student assignments
  • Optional add-on equipment package provides all the professional tools necessary to complete service checks


  • Electrical requirements: 240 VAC; 50/60Hz; 15A
  • Overall size: 60″ L x 48″ W x 73″ H
TU-406 Residential Heat Pump Trainer Image
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