Productive Robotics OB7

Introducing OB7
The smart 7 axis collaborative robot OB7 was designed to deliver unmatched automation productivity, accuracy, and Safety. And, you can to do it all simply without  complicated software programing and coding.

OB7 learns with No programming
If you can do the job, you can show OB7 how to do the job. Learning without programming means that anyone can teach OB7 to do hundreds of complex automation jobs simply and quickly.

OB7 Rolling Stand (optional)
The industrial quality OB7 Rolling Stand is a stable and easily movable robot stand. Mounted on the OB7 Rolling Stand, OB7 can be quickly moved between work cells. An integrated battery backup power supply keeps OB7 powered up and running when moving between work sites.

OB7 Assembly Table (optional)
The optional Assembly/Work Table, is 6061-T6 anodized aluminum, and mounts securely to the OB7 Rolling Stand to provide a universal work surface. An integrated grid of alternating threaded work fixture hold-down and pin registration holes provides a fast and convenient work fixture installation and changes. Note: OB7 Rolling Stand sold is separately.

Electrical Gripper (optional)
The optional Productive Robotics Parallel Electric Gripper is a versatile and affordable solution for hundreds of production applications. Gripping force, speed & opening position are set automatically or manually by OB7. Gripping force: 0-140 N. Full travel close/open time: 1 sec. Force control: Set by robot Open/Close positions: Set by robot

General Equipment Interface (optional)
The OB7 General Equipment Interface (GEI) is a cost effective solution for interfacing OB7 to most production machinery. The interface has 8 electrically isolated digital inputs, 8 electrically digital outputs, and 4 analog inputs. The OB7 GEI connects to OB7 with a single cable which can be unplugged when moving OB7 between jobs.

• Loading, Unloading and Part Removal
• Machine Tending and Batch Production
• Gluing, Painting and Welding
• Polishing, Cutting, Deburring and Grinding
• Packaging and Palletizing
• QC Measuring, Testing, and Inspection


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