Form 3

The Next Generation of Industrial 3D Printing, Powered by Low Force Stereolithography™

  • Incredible Resolution and Surface Finish: Using industrial-grade stereolithography (SLA) technology, the Form 3’s powerful optical engine delivers laser-sharp prints with spectacular detail.
  • Versatile, Functional Prototyping: Our ever-growing library of resins enables functional prototyping for a variety of applications, continually expanding the Form 3’s capabilities across industries.
  • Designed for Reliability and Accessibility: The Form 3’s entire print process is designed to be intuitive–from free PreForm software that helps set files up for successful printing to hardware that’s easy for anyone to use.
  • Connected Printing: The Form 3 comes with wireless connectivity and a touch-screen display. Upload over Wi-Fi, manage consumables and track your print history through our cloud-based Dashboard tool, and receive notifications when your prints complete.

For a complete break down of technical specs CLICK HERE!

Form 3 Image
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