Craniotomy Trainer

Our SynAtomy Craniotomy Trainer is a realistic medical training platform ideal for teaching techniques associated with cranial access. With this trainer, students will be able to learn and master surgical techniques on biohazard-free material that looks, feels, and behaves like live human tissue.

This model includes a realistic calvarium with skin, subcutaneous tissue, dura mater, subarachnoid membrane, pia mater, and gray matter.

Relevant Skills

Craniotomy, high speed bone sawing, bone flapping, bone removal, irrigation, skin incising and subcutaneous cutdown.

Included Components

Cranial part of the brain, calvarium, arachnoid membrane, Dura mater, dermal tissue layers and subcutaneous tissue layer.

Available Options

Choose skin tone, operational pump base, complex vascular anatomy, pathological aneurysm, pathological cyst or pathological mass.

Craniotomy Trainer Image

Equipment Compatibility

Standard imaging equipment (Ultrasound, MRI, CT, x-ray, etc.), scalpels, aneurysm needles, artery forceps, grooved directors, haemostatic forceps, dissecting forceps, scissors, ligatures, auto suturing devices, auto stapling devices, craniotomes, high speed lateral cutting drills, high speed boring drills, ultrasonic cutting devices, bone grafting and flapping structures.

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