What is zSpace?

zSpace is the ultimate immersive learning experience. Instead of just reading about science, zSpace allows students to interact with objects and really understand the science behind them.  With zSpace, students can learn highly engaging tasks that are often too complex, expensive or dangerous for the classroom.

Imagine dissecting a frog or a human without getting messy or building an electric board without having to worry about limited supplies or student safety. Then imagine doing this and much more during your 45 minute science class or basic anatomy class – with zSpace you can!

“We understand that each student has a unique way of learning, this is especially true in abstract and complex topics such as chemistry or microbiology. With zSpace, we are working to make learning and applying STEM concepts engaging for all our students.”

– Jeffrey Baier, Superintendent of Los Altos School District

What is special about zSpace learning?

Inspires student understanding through an entirely new way of learning  

Virtual reality learning environment where anything is possible with ease, including, manipulating gravity, freezing time, dissecting almost limitless models and never running out of supplies.

Empowers mastery based learning

Encourages learning through trial and error by dramatically reducing the time needed to reset, repeat and alter experimental learning projects.

Accelerates understanding of complex concepts

Shortens learning curve and builds teacher confidence to deliver standards aligned projects that convey concepts in unique and memorable ways.

Creates unique collaboration opportunities

Perfect for team projects and brainstorming.


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