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Advanced Training Systems (ATS) is headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida and was established as a diversified design, manufacturing, and virtual simulation group of companies focused on the professional and personal user. Utilizing aerospace derived technology, Advanced Training Systems’ experienced engineers and designers have collaborated with research scientists and industry experts over the last 5 years to develop what is considered amongst satisfied customers and users as the future of high-fidelity virtual simulators.

Assembled using only the highest quality components, ATS heavy trucking simulators are built applying a similar process as used by the leading automotive manufacturers and integrated with great attention to detail. Our “in-house” design, prototyping and manufacturing separate ATS from other simulator builders allowing for a true built-to-suit simulator system.

Unique to ATS systems is the patented TransMaster™ shifting unit. With all ATS systems, the implementation of dynamically correct on-set cues, force-feedback steering, and harmonic transducers reproduce a realistic training environment in both single and multiple 1080p high definition visual arrays.

“Prepare yourself for an epic experience unrivaled by any other simulation. ATS Simulators immerse you in scenarios you will encounter during real driving, like thorough pre-trip inspections, frustrating traffic patterns, and meticulous weigh station stops.”

– Daniel Dockery, Recent CDL Recipient, GA

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