Students at EHOVE Career Center Flourish When Learning With Mixed Reality

Buckeye Staff

Students at EHOVE Career Center in Milan, Ohio are gaining a deeper understanding of science than ever before. They are among the first in the state to learn with zSpace, a mixed reality technology that allows students to study STEM subjects using immersive images that they can move and manipulate in applications across a wide range of standards-aligned curriculum.

zSpace delivers the ultimate learning experience to inspire curiosity and accelerate understanding. The product, zSpace, combines elements of VR and AR, on an all-in-one computer, to create mixed reality computing experiences that are interactive and lifelike. Each features tracking eye wear and a stylus, allowing students to interact with objects and really understand the science behind them.  Unlike other virtual reality solutions, such as head-mounted displays, zSpace enables interaction and group collaboration. Best of all, zSpace empowers students to “learn by doing” in an environment where it is easy to undo mistakes, make changes, and not worry about material costs or clean up.

Dave Jenkins, director of operations said, “This generation is used to using technology, but this 3D experience is something they don’t have. It’s motivating and engaging them like never before.”

Studies have shown that using the zSpace technology will keep students’ attention during the lesson and throughout the rest of the school day, leading to better productivity, shares Chelsea Moyer, the career center’s technology integration specialist.

At EHOVE, 12 zSpace mixed reality stations are set up in a room the school has named the “zSpace lab.” Each zSpace station accommodates two to three students. One student lifts, turns or takes apart virtual objects using an interactive stylus. The other students make observations and record data. All three students wear custom 3D glasses to create a communal mixed reality experience. In addition, students can watch the teacher or another student demonstrate their work on a second monitor or smart LED panel visible to the entire class.

Paula Camella, a cosmetology instructor at EHOVE Career Center, said hands-on technology such as zSpace plays a key role in the level of understanding for her students.

“We will be able to use zSpace for anatomy for state board preparation, chemistry, and design when they create their own cosmetology salon with a floor plan. Some of the tools on zSpace is in their curriculum for business,” she said.

The best part about zSpace: “It’s project-based learning,” said Camella.

“This is amazing,” said cosmetology student Maci Mayhorn. “This is one of the best things ever. I wish I could use this everyday.”

Throughout the zSpace tutorial, students made exclamations of amazement.

“This is so fun,” senior Grace Hagelberger said while creating her own pizza using the Let’s Cook application.  Students were given time to explore all of the applications available on the zSpace units and Hagleberger found one that sparked a personal interest.

Every student at EHOVE rotates through the zSpace lab at some point in an academic or career specific course. Software includes Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards aligned lesson plans in life science, earth science, engineering and physics. Students can learn about everything from circuits to cells.

About zSpace

zSpace delivers the ultimate learning experience to inspire curiosity and accelerate understanding. Our product, zSpace®, combines elements of VR and AR, on an all-in-one computer, to create mixed reality computing experiences that are immersive, interactive and lifelike. Among its numerous awards and accolades, zSpace was named “Cool Vendor” by Gartner, Inc., “Best in Show at ISTE” by Tech & Learning Magazine for three consecutive years and was ranked on the Inc. 500 list in 2016 and 2017.  zSpace is a privately held, venture backed company located in Sunnyvale, California, and has been granted more than 25 patents for its innovative technologies. For more information, visit, or follow on Twitter @zSpace.

About EHOVE Career Center

EHOVE Career Center is a leading career tech school in Milan Township. This high school and adult education facility draws students from a variety of locales, and serves multiple school districts as well in Erie, Huron and Ottawa Counties. Students are given the opportunity to take challenging academic classes in a customized and relevant curriculum to prepare them for a specific career or college, and learn skills to advance in the trade of their choice, for now or the future.

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