Heavy Equipment Trainers

The construction industry requires a strict adherence to safety and a skill for handling equipment. You know that effective training for this industry calls for immersive, hands-on exercises, not just paperwork and lectures.

To better prepare your students for the rigorous field of construction, turn to Buckeye Educational Systems for advanced material testing equipment simulation.

Experience Groundbreaking Technology

Serving Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky, Buckeye Educational Systems provides sophisticated technological solutions to institutes of learning. Among our innovative products, we offer heavy equipment simulators to give users a convenient, in-depth exercise on how to manage and operate machinery like bulldozers, forklifts, and cranes.

Our dedicated teams craft these simulators from the ground up, with realistic controls, high-resolution graphics, and programmed-in performance indicators. We’re confident that once your learning group uses our heavy equipment trainer, they will be better prepared to lift cargo and excavate sites.

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We’re strong believers that learning is a never-ending process. But when it comes to certain career fields like construction, you need to acquire a working proficiency to meet its demands. Our various simulation technologies can help your students get the training they need to exceed industry expectations.

To learn more about our heavy equipment trainer, click on the link below. For further information, give us a call at 800.522.0460.

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