Intro to STEM Pathways

Intelitek’s Introduction to STEM Pathways provides an easy-to-implement solution for delivering early engagement and discovery of science, technology, engineering and mathematics topics for middle and high school students.

Using multiple instructional strategies including activity-based learning and immersive e-learning, students explore technology, examine science and math concepts and investigate careers in STEM. The standards-based curriculum emphasizes 21st Century skills including teamwork, leadership, and creative problem-solving skills. Relevant topics like robotics, energy systems and transportation help students see the connection between STEM and the world around them.

Start with the Foundations of STEM course, then mix and match courses to build a flexible program for STEM exploration!


The complete and flexible classroom solution

Introduction to STEM Pathways makes implementation easy. Each course provides everything you need, out of the box and ready to use. You can choose flexible packages based on your class size and you can customize the program by adding topics in any configuration to the requisite Foundations course. The curriculum works with any instructional method whether instructor-led, self-directed or collaborative.

Freeing teachers to focus on teaching

The LearnMate® learning management system is included with the requisite Foundations course. LearnMate® enables consistent course delivery year-over-year across classrooms, schools and districts. With such an easy-to-use tool to handle time-consuming administrative tasks, teachers are free to focus
on individual students. Easy setup of courses and students saves time, while robust reporting and real-time feedback on student progress empowers teachers with valuable information to maximize their effectiveness.

Your total STEM outfitters

Intelitek provides you with a complete one-stop-shop solution for your program. We provide everything you need for a complete solution, from simple ordering to installation to support after the sale, all from the same source. We also provide professional development and training as a resource to ensure you achieve the best possible results for your students. Best of all, our solutions are cost-effective and flexible enough to work with any budget.

Foundations of STEM

The Foundations of STEM course pack is the cornerstone of the Introduction to STEM Pathways program, which introduces STEM concepts to students through problem-based learning and hands- on activities. This package includes the following courses: Introduction to Engineering, Mechanisms, Introduction to Industrial Design and our Engineering Application Series, which consists of over 30 downloadable projects to add to your classroom.

Foundations includes the LearnMate® classroom management system which delivers curriculum, tracks student progress, enables assessments and facilitates classroom management.

Exploring Robotics

Intelitek’s Exploring Robotics provides an easy-to- implement solution for delivering early engagement and discovery of science, technology, engineering
and mathematics topics for middle school students. Students will explore robotics with the VEX® IQ Robotics platform while developing 21st Century skills like teamwork, creativity and problem-solving.

Intro to 3D Printing


The Intro to 3D Printing Curriculum is a flexible, hands-on course that serves as a complete introduction to 3D printers. The course is designed to introduce students to the theories and concepts of 3D printing, while also teaching them everything they need to know to begin printing 3D parts on their own.

Afinia H800

The Afinia H800 is a brand new, fully-enclosed printer which has a build volume up to 5 times larger than the H480 (10” x 8” x 8”). The H800 weighs approximately 55 pounds and has a footprint of 19.1” x 20.5” x 19.5”, which makes it an ideal printer for larger projects. Includes 2 year extended warranty

3D Printer Software

The Afinia 3D Printer software has an easy-to-use interface which allows beginner users to perform all the tasks necessary to begin printing their own 3D parts within minutes.

Innovation and Invention

Innovation and Invention explores the relevant topic of transportation technologies. Students learn about careers in various transportation industries and connect with technology through hands-on activities like building gliders, rockets and C02 dragsters

Energy Systems

In this engaging course, students explore various technological systems in the relevant context of sustainable and alternative energy. Students discover how alternative resources such as solar, wind, nuclear and hydropower are used to produce energy. Students learn about hybrid vehicles and fuel sources such as hydrogen, electricity and ethanol. Students learn how construction and design methods are used to create energy-efficient buildings and how existing homes can be retrofitted to increase their energy-efficiency. Students investigate ways to protect the resources we harvest.

Using the supplied experiment kits, students generate electricity from renewable sources, design a solar energy system based on electricity needs and extract hydrogen from water by electrolysis.

Exploring Communications

In the Exploring Communications Technology course, students explore the history of various types of
media and their impact on society. Students learn
to edit digital video using the tools and techniques used by professional video editors. They investigate digital photography basics, such as digital camera features and operation, file formats and image quality. Photo editing and manipulation techniques are also examined.

Hands-on activities include building pinhole cameras, editing digital photos and video segments, designing graphics and applying graphics to a t-shirt.

Introduction to Manufacturing

In the Introduction to Manufacturing course, students will learn to safely use CNC Routers through a project-based curriculum. First students are introduced to the fundamental skills in identification, application and usage of hand tools that engineers, maintenance technicians and other skilled professionals use every day. Hand tools play a key role in the installation, modification and maintenance of most machines and students will discover that using the proper tool for each application is essential to the quality of any job.

After completion of the hand tools course, students will begin with the express CNC Router curriculum which is a direct, project-driven course that enables students to bring objects they create to life quickly and motivates them to complete other projects. Students will learn terminology related to CNC machines, how to set up the router using Mach3TM control software, and will complete five projects using Vectric VCarve Pro software.

Science and Technology Exploration

Science and Technology Exploration consists of various exploratory STEM topics you can mix and match to round out the opportunities you can offer students. By adding individual topics to fit your program, you can deliver an introductory overview of various pathways including health care, biotechnology.

Health Care

Health Care is an exploratory course that introduces students to the principles and practices of health care, giving an overview of career opportunities available in the field. Ethical and legal issues are also discussed, encouraging critical thinking skills and introspection. Students explore several health professions and practice some of the skills necessary for those professions.


Biotechnology explores how the use and manipulation of cells and genetic materials affects our lives on a daily basis, the industry it has created and the range of careers available in
the field. The course also examines several fields that use biotechnology, including medical, agricultural, industrial and forensic science. Bioethics and legal issues are also discussed, encouraging critical thinking skills and introspection.

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