Design Technology

  • Project-based learning, Pre & Post Tested to show student gain
  • Standards-based academic and career preparation
  • Hundreds of simulations that will prepare students for PARRC exams

Based on a continuously-growing library of content, lessons are actively linked to the Common Core, Next Gen Science, and ITEEA Standards for Technological Literacy. The immersive materials are delivered as an exciting range of presentations, investigations, assessments and support materials.

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Our Design Technology program consists of 12 courses in technology and engineering. Each of our Design Technology courses is based on a design project and is intended to last for fifteen class periods. The content of each course is tailored to provide the skills and knowledge that students need to complete the final design project independently.

We recommend that all students complete the Engineering Design course first. This will give them the theoretical background and practical skills to design, construct and program using our Engineering Construction Kit. Once this is completed, the additional eleven courses can be offered in any sequence.

The entire program is a 180 hour course of study, which can be spread across multiple grades, or focused on a single grade over a whole school year.

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The Multi-Mode STEM Learning Environment


Investigate and assess at school and at home using the built-in STEM apps!

Practical STEM Inquiry

Develop students' hands-on skills for STEM inquiry with our self-contained kits

Teaching Demonstrations

Present theory topics and do practical demos with our interactive and practical tools

STEM Cloud Package

Beautiful, Immersive Content

The range of content provided will allow each topic area to be supported with amazing and captivating resources

  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Virtual Lab Investigations
  • Hands-on Practical Activities
  • Problem-Solving Projects
  • Academic and Technical Support Tasks
Leading-Edge Standards

Finding content couldn’t be easier via the Standards tab linked to the latest International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) Standards. When the standards get updated, so does our content, so your school is automatically up to date.

Our Solution
  • Easy access via our cloud-based portal
  • Continuously updated content
  • Access for all enrolled students and staff
  • Student and school performance reports

STEM Cloud ResourcesInvestigations

  • Presentations
  • Investigations
  • Assessments
  • Practical Tasks
  • Support Materials
  • Academic and Technical Support
  • Learning Management System

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