IMG_3384What is a MakerSpace?

A MakerSpace is a place where ingenuity and creativity can be put to advanced skills. A maker space can teach students STEM-related topics and give in-depth insight into problem-solving, design, and creative thinking. The projects done in a maker space require multiple machines for specific purposes. Using a variety of approaches, the right tool can be used to solve a specific problem. This type of learning creates an atmosphere of inventive ideas, technology-based learning, creativity, encouragement, and fun. The hands-on nature of the lab itself adds to classroom learning. Skills can be practically put to use teaching also about materials science and how technology can achieve objectives.

MakerSpaces share core capabilities so that people and projects can be shared across them. This currently includes:

  • A proper lab Environment
  • 3D printers, desktop and/or professional
  • 3D scanners
  • Laser engraving/cutting machines
  • Vinyl cutters
  • Vinyl printer/cutters
  • Subtractive prototyping machines
  • CNC routers
  • Professional design software

These work with components and materials optimized for use in the field and are controlled with custom software for integrated design, manufacturing, and project management.


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Axiom Series by AirWolf3D

3D Printer
Step up your 3D printing game with the new AXIOM Series Direct Drive 3D Printers. This series includes the AXIOMe, AXIOM, and AXIOM Dual. Outfitted with all the components that make AXIOM the industry leader in desktop 3D printers, AXIOM Direct Drive features a direct drive extruder assembly that makes it easier for users to create complex objects out of traditionally difficult-to-use materials.

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Fusion Laser Engraver

By utilizing only the highest-quality components, Epilog Laser systems are known worldwide for their reliability and performance, which translates into less down time and more profits for you. We only stock the most efficient Epilog-brand products to suit your preferences and deliver on your vision. Your students will be able to etch quality images and designs on a variety of materials, including wood, glass, and acrylic.

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CNC Shark by Next Wave Automation

The extended base CNC Shark offers up to 50" of Y-axis capacity–the largest of any CNC Shark to date. With a table measuring 28" x 63", it is ideally suited for carvings and machining operations on larger signs or doors, but can also handle small mediums with ease. It boasts impressive power, speed, accuracy, and ease of use.

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