Inventor Cloud

What is Inventor Cloud?

Inventor Cloud is an educational program of Advanced Methods in Innovation (AMI), a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization​ and its goal is to prepare students for the 21st century.

How are 21st century learners different?

- Networked
- Multi-taskers
- Digitally literate
- Crave interactivity
- Strong visual-spatial skills
- Tethered to the Internet
- Want to learn things that matter
- Want to be challenged to reach their own conclusions
- Will use technologies that have been invented to do jobs that exist

Grades 3-6

Six-week courses

Grades 7-8

Nine-week courses

Grades 9-12

Eighteen-week courses

- Modules are lessons in shorter packages than courses
- They range from a few days to a few weeks, depending on grade level and content
- Modules are written with the realization that teachers cannot always teach an entire course but can still benefit from the content
All content is in the INVENTORcloud™ subscription
All courses are presented in our Moodle Based Team UP site at Team Up

K-12 Courses

Grades K-8
1) Exploring the Engineering Way
2) Problem Solving through Collaboration
3) Engineering in Motion
4) STEM & Earth Sciences
5) Designing Solutions for Today and Tomorrow
6) All Things STEM
High School
1) Design Thinking
2) Innovation, Creativity, and Design Thinking
3) Environmental Sustainability
4) Introduction to Biomedical Engineering
5) Creative Entrepreneurship
6) Introduction to Additive Manufacturing

K-12 Modules

Grades K-8
1) Discovery Basics Module
2) Changes in Motion
3) Weather
4) Natural Resources
5) Ecology and Renewable Energy
6) Force and Motion
7) Mechanics and Robotics
8) Structures and Civil Engineering
9) Engineering and Motion
10) INVENT3D™ Modules / Levels 1 and 2
High School
1) Intro to Design (Additive Manufacturing)
2) Sustainable Architecture
3) Carbon Footprint
4) Health Care
5) Biomedical Engineering
6) Human Organs

Projects and Camps

Innovex Projects
1) Gaining Traction on Mars NASA
2) Let it Glide NASA
3) Composting
4) The Bird Project
5) Floating Zoo
6) Music to My Ears
7) Gearbox
1) Biomimicry
2) Entrepreneurship
3) Asteroid Threat
4) Repairing the Human Body
5) The World’s Energy
6) Puppets and Puppetry

Manufacturing Academy

INVENTORcloud™ Courses

- Core STEM

- Innovention and Production

- Introduction to Additive Manufacturing

INVENTORcloud™ has developed a three-semester manufacturing program that integrates 4 certificates from the MSSC Manufacturers Skill Standards Council

Successful completion of these 4 modules earn students 12 Point Industry Credential toward graduation

In addition, some members of the MVMC have granted preference in hiring to graduates who hold the MSSC certification

MSSC Modules
Quality Practices & Measurement
Manufacturing Processes & Production
Maintenance Awareness

INVENTORcloud™ Support

INVENTORcloud Maker Space provides schools and teachers with access to:
- 3D Printers, Laser Engravers, Vinyl Printer Cutters, 3D Milling, 3D Carving
- Instructions
- Instructional Support
- Professional Development
- Preparation & Building Projects
- Field Trips
- School visits
- Hands-on, real-world, relevant coursework and projects
- Integration of content across disciplines
- Updates
- Summer Camps

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