The first interactive training simulation that teaches carpentry and construction skills

SimBuild Carpentry teaches fundamental skills used in residential construction Students learn by completing increasingly complex work orders from reading a measuring tape, to laying out a gable roof, to proper estimation of board feet needed for a project while SimBuild Carpentry teaches the practical skills of carpentry and safety, the student learns core academic concepts in reading, engineering and math.

Benefits of Simbuild
  • Reinforce math, reading and problem solving skills
  • Covers all basics of carpentry - reading a measuring tape, proper tool use, applied math, component and system terminology
  • Interpret information and review procedures in real world context
  • Increase safety awareness
  • Practice without wasting material
  • Engage students with a variety of challenging activities
  • Objective scoring of accuracy and efficiency in job completion
  • Assessment activities reinforce learning
  • Integrated learning management system tracks student’s performance across industry and academic skill standard


Increasingly complex work orders teach how to:

  • Estimate, measure, and cut materials
  • Place studs, trimmers, rafters
  • Frame floor, wall, roof systems
  • Install doors, windows, locks, hinges
  • Build stairs
  • Install and finish drywall
  • Calculate rise and run

The learning management system tracks students through the program - their progress, performance, and acquisition of academic and construction skills. Students and instructors can evaluate overall performance and learning momentum, how quickly students absorb and understand the material.


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